Become specialized in stuttering and cluttering with ESS, the European Stuttering Specialization course.

ESS Course

The aim of the course is to provide speech-language therapists advanced knowledge and skills to achieve a high standard of competency in the specialist practice area of stuttering and cluttering.

This specialization course is unique in Europe and beyond because it brings together the expertise and viewpoints of numerous EU and non-EU specialists in a clear and overarching framework. This multidimensional approach ensures the educational standards of the course and the professional competencies of the graduates.

Moreover, this course provides an extra European dimension by creating a sphere of exchange and integration among the participating students and faculty members, affecting both students and faculty. It stimulates them to look across the borders and helps them realise the impact of an increasingly international EU environment.


Interested in applying?

The specialization course is open to candidates with a bachelor or master degree in speech-language therapy (or related degree) who are qualified to work as a speech-language therapist in their home country.

Partner institutions


[The ESS course is] a very well performed and managed project where all planned outcomes are being fulfilled.
ESS Graduate
EU Commission
External review
It is simply a miracle to see the level of organization, content and commitment that has gone into [the ESS course].
ESS Graduate
ASHA fluency specialists
External review
[The ESS course is] a very well performed and managed project where all planned outcomes are being fulfilled.
EU Commission
External review
Shana Van Roosbroek

European Symposium
on Fluency Disorders

European Stuttering Symposium

Thomas More University of Applied Sciences
February 2023
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