ESS Course Application

Before you apply

The following information is required during the online application process. You will have a chance to save a draft of your answers if your require more time to complete the application.

  1. Your personal contact details,
  2. Your employment details,
  3. Your education history,
  4. Contact details for up to two mentors (a speech-language therapist with significant professional experience in treating people who stutter/clutter),
  5. A letter describing your motivation for taking part in this course (up to 500 words),
  6. An outline of your plan to meet the required 120h of clinical work (up to 300 words);
  7. A PDF copy of Curriculum Vitae, Higher Education diploma, Identity document and other supporting documents.

Application process

Step 1: Online application

ESS will confirm the successful receipt of the application.

Participants are selected on a first come first served basis.

Step 2: Candidate selection

Selected candidates (up to 24 students per cycle) will receive an invitation to officially register for the course.

Step 3: Entrance fees

entrance fee
To be determined

The enrolment is finalised once the entrance fee is paid.

The entrance fee is not refundable.‍

The entrance fee includes all lecturing, follow up sessions, evaluations, two course dinners, and social activities. Students have online access to the major scientific journals.

Students receive an official student card, with student benefits.

Overnight stays during the intensive weeks are not included.

Entry requirements

The ESS course is open to candidates with a bachelor or master degree in speech-language therapy (or related degree) who are qualified to work as a speech-language therapist in their home country.

  • All documentation needs to be completed in English.
  • Applicants of non-EU countries need to document their knowledge base with a transcript of records and a Zoom-based interview.
  • Selected candidates will receive an invitation to officially register for the course.
  • Two months before the start of the first intensive week, participants will receive the course manuals, access to the online learning platform, a list of selected candidates, and accommodation information.
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